Low throughput over LAN on Wi-Fi

I've been streaming media from my computer over LAN & it's been slow. I finally tested it today & the average speed was around 300 KB/s. This is when sending data from computer to phone over SSH while both are connected to router via Wi-Fi.

Both devices were on 2.4 GHz band & close to the router. I tested the same with another laptop & the speed averaged around 1.5 MB/s. This laptop was sitting in another room.

When I connect the computer with Ethernet cable it averages around 10 MB/s. And when I connect the computer on 5 GHz to router it averages around 1 MB/s. 1 MB/s is fine for my work so I'll just leave it like this.

I ran iperf3 on computer, both server & client. Averages around 55 MB/s. I didn't find iperf3 client on Android so couldn't run it on phone.

[ ID] Interval           Transfer     Bitrate
[  5]   0.00-10.00  sec   527 MBytes   442 Mbits/sec                  sender
[  5]   0.00-10.00  sec   527 MBytes   442 Mbits/sec                  receiver

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