I plan to write a feed generator for this someday.

2020-09-01 Telegram keeps notification settings after deletion
2020-09-01 Making Org Publish config neater
2020-08-29 Adding date in URLs
2020-08-29 ERC log file name
2020-08-28 Making elfeed config neater
2020-07-01 Caret browsing in Firefox
2020-06-26 Why didn't my computer reconnect?
2020-06-17 Issues with distributing my Perl projects
2020-05-19 Trying to setup Bluestacks
2020-05-15 Deleting items from Web Archive
2020-05-02 Moving my git repositories

Perl Weekly Challenge

These are simple challenges published by Perl Weekly Challenge.

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2020-09-29 Challenge 080
2020-09-14 Challenge 078
2020-09-10 Challenge 077
2020-09-01 Challenge 076

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